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Healer Girl Review

Healer Girl Review

Healer Girl anime series cover art
Healer Girl

Do You Like Musical Anime?

Healer Girl (ヒーラー・ガール) is a musical slice of life anime about three girls who are training to become healers. Healers are those who use the power of music (songs) to heal or soothe others. But, healers don’t replace traditional medical professionals in this world.

That last part is important. As far as we know, a healer can’t heal every injury or illness. They can heal minor injuries or assist in the healing of injuries by making them heal faster. So, a big part of the story of Healer Girl is figuring out where exactly healers fit into the medical community.

If what you need is some first-aid or palliative care, a healer can handle that. If you require major surgery, you’re still going to need to see a surgeon. But, that doesn’t mean a healer would be totally useless in that situation. The power of their songs can help in the operating room, too.

Kana Fujii from the anime series Healer Girl
Kana Fujii

Now, let’s get to the question in the title of this section. Do you like musical anime? And by musical anime, I mean musicals. Healer Girl isn’t just a music anime. It’s a musical anime. But, what do I mean by that?

Think of something like BanG Dream! That’s a music anime because it’s an anime about music. Healer Girl is a musical anime because the characters often break out into song. They’ll sing what would otherwise be normal lines of dialogue. This doesn’t always happen, but it happens enough.

So, does that mean it’s like Love Live!? No. I also wouldn’t classify Love Live! as a musical anime — it’s a music anime. Yes, the girls in Love Live! break out into song. But, when they do it, it’s a full-on performance. That’s not the case in Healer Girl.

Meet the Student Healers

There are four student healers in Healer Girl. Three of them are main characters and one is a supporting character. The main characters are Kana Fujii, Reimi Itsushiro, and Hibiki Morishima. The supporting character is Sonia Yanagi. Kana, Reimi, and Hibiki study under Ria Karasuma, a professional healer.

Let’s start with Kana Fujii, the “main character.” Of the three main characters, the’s the most main — the mainest, if you will. As a child, Kana wanted to be just about every profession under the sun. But, she decided to become a healer after a healer saved her during an asthma attack.

Reimi Itsushiro (the best girl of the series) is a rich girl whose parents are professional musicians. Her parents are always overseas, so she lives with her maid. But, being rich isn’t Reimi’s defining character trait. That would be her obsession with her teacher, Ria.

Hibiki, Kana, and Reimi singing from the anime series Healer Girl
Hibiki, Kana, and Reimi singing

Hibiki Morishima is somehow related to Ria (I think). I want to say they’re cousins. But, they might not actually be related by blood at all. I know Hibiki grew up with Ria as an “older sister” figure. But, I can’t remember the exact nature of their relationship. Anyway, Hibiki now lives with Ria at Ria’s clinic.

Before moving on to the final student healer, let’s look at Ria Karasuma. Ria was originally going down the traditional medical professional path. But, in college, she decided to become a healer instead. Now, she’s considered one of the top healers in Japan.

Finally, we have Sonia Yanagi, the other student healer. She’s half-Russian, arrogant, annoying, and views Ria as her rival. Her teacher is the grandmother of her friend Shinobu. And, this is why she views Ria as her rival Shinobu’s grandmother was also Ria’s teacher back in the day.

I Didn’t Expect It to be Good

I knew Healer Girl existed when it aired in the summer of 2022. Each season, I make sure to look through what’s coming out. So, it was on my radar. But, I hadn’t heard anyone talking about it both before and after it aired.

Because of that, I assumed it was another “filler” anime. You know, one that doesn’t make a splash and which I’d give a rating of 4-6/10. I’m also not particularly interested in music/musical anime. I enjoy Love Live! for what it is. And Bocchi the Rock! was fun. But, I don’t seek out music-related anime — especially musicals.

I want to make that point clear. I’m not someone who likes musicals. When characters randomly break out in song, I usually can’t wait for it to end. And yet, I thought Healer Girl was a good anime.

Reimi Itsushiro from the anime series Healer Girl
Reimi Itsushiro

The random singing in this series wasn’t as annoying as I would normally expect. I didn’t know it was going to be a musical when I started it. I thought it was a regular music anime. But, even once it became clear that it was a musical, I didn’t mind.

And, the main reason I think I didn’t mind that in this series was the characters. I like the main characters and their singing brings out more of their personalities. In particular, I like Reimi. Kana and Hibiki are still good. Kana’s a bit of a generic female protagonist, but that’s okay.

When it comes to slice of life anime, I often say that the characters are what’s most important. Without good characters, a slice of life anime can’t be good. It’s impossible. The characters carry these kinds of series. And, that’s something Healer Girl does well. I enjoyed my time with these girls.

Final Thoughts

I give Healer Girl a 7/10. It’s a good anime. And if you’re into musicals, you might even rate it higher than I did. But, even if musicals aren’t your thing, if you like cute girls doing cute things, you’ll still probably like it. And who doesn’t like cute girls?

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Dance Dance Danseur Review

Dance Dance Danseur Review

Dance Dance Danseur anime series cover art
Dance Dance Danseur

Ballet Is for Nerds

Dance Dance Danseur (ダンス・ダンス・ダンスール) is a drama anime about ballet. It’s about a high school student who loves ballet but doesn’t think he can do it because it’s not manly. In his mind, he has to follow his father’s footsteps and do martial arts, instead.

But, right from the start of the series, we see that this is a self-imposed limitation. Jumpei’s older sister, mother, and father all support his interest in ballet. They always did. But, it took him all the way until high school to realize that he could do it.

Of course, that’s not to say it was an easy choice. Not only did Jumpei do martial arts, but he was on the school’s soccer team. If he picked ballet, he’d have to give those up. And, what will his friends think of him? Teenagers are mean.

Miyako Godai and Jumpei Murao performing from the anime series Dance Dance Danseur
Miyako Godai and Jumpei Murao performing

As one of Jumpei’s friends puts it, ballet is for girls. However, I’d argue that’s exactly why being a male ballet dancer is manly. Jumpei gets to spend his days putting his hands on cute girls wearing skin-tight outfits. That sounds way better than chasing a ball around with the boys.

Anyway, should you watch this anime if you aren’t into ballet? Yes. I’m not into ballet and I’m telling you it’s good. In fact, it might even be better because I’m not into ballet. That seems to be a trend for me when it comes to anime about niche subjects.

If I watch an anime about something I’m really into, I tend to be more critical of it and end up not enjoying myself as much. But, if I watch an anime about something I have no real interest in, I have way more fun. It helps me focus on characters and drama.

Godai School Love Triangle

The three main characters of the series are Jumpei Murao, Miyako Godai, and Luou Mori. Miyako’s mother is the instructor at the Godai ballet school. And, she brings Jumpei there after finding out he’s interested in ballet. Luou is Miyako’s cousin who lives with her.

Let’s get Jumpei’s name out of the way before going forward. You may have seen it spelled Junpei. Both are correct. But, I’m going with Jumpei because that’s how it’s spelled in the anime. He literally wears a shirt with his name on it.

Now, Jumpei has a crush on Miyako. I mean, who wouldn’t? Miyako’s a cutie. But, there’s an issue, and that’s Luou. Luou also has a crush on Miyako, despite the two of them being cousins. And, throughout the series, we see Miyako going back and forth between seeming to like Jumpei and Luou.

Miyako on top of Jumpei from the anime series Dance Dance Danseur
Miyako on top of Jumpei

But, isn’t the fact that Miyako and Luou are related a problem? Technically, sure. But, they’re not as closely related as two normal cousins are. They’re actually only half-cousins. Instead of sharing a pair of grandparents, they only share a single grandparent. So, are they a bit too close for comfort? Yes, but it could be worse.

Alright, let’s get into some spoilers. Even though Miyako seems to change who she’s more interested in episode by episode, it was never up for debate, to me. She always seemed to lean more toward Luou in my eyes.

However, much to my surprise, she and Jumpei became an item. They even kissed. So, at that point, I figured the debate was over. Jumpei won!

Well, until Episode 10 when Jumpei dumps her so she can be with Luou. That was a massive L on his part. Someone who does that doesn’t deserve Miyako.

Natsuki-chan Is Better, Anyway

Well, Jumpei didn’t end up with Miyako. But, he has another option, Natuski Oikawa. Natsuki is the daughter of Ayako Oikawa, the owner of a different ballet school. The Oikawa school is much larger and more prestigious than the Godai school.

Despite being a “rival” school, though, Miyako, Jumpei, and Luou all attend the Oikawa school for at least a bit. And, at the end of the series, Jumpei decides to join Oikawa full-time (you know, after breaking up with Miyako).

Now, back to Natsuki. As the daughter of Ayako, she’s the prodigy of the school. I believe she’s two years younger than everyone else in her class. And yet, she’s the most skilled of the female dancers at the school. She’s also one of the first to recognize Jumpei’s raw talent. Though, she doesn’t like his personality, at first.

Natsuki Oikawa smiling from the anime series Dance Dance Danseur
Natsuki Oikawa smiling

When Natsuki was introduced, it was pretty clear that she and Jumpei had a special connection. I still thought Jumpei would end up with Miyako. But, Natsuki was the first partner he completely connected with. The two of them were in sync way more than he ever was with Miyako.

Unfortunately, the season ends before things go very far with Jumpei and Natsuki. Hopefully, Dance Dance Danseur will get a second season because I want to see more of them. I know that Natsuki’s a bit young (I think she’s 13 and Jumpei is 15). But, a two-year age gap isn’t an issue if the series continues for a few more years.

Miyako did a good job of getting Jumpei to dive into ballet. Now, it’s up to Natsuki to bring out the best in him. That seems like it will be fun to watch if what we saw of them dancing together is any indication.

Final Thoughts

Dance Dance Danseur is a 7/10. It could have been an 8. But, I thought it fell off a bit at the end when everything went down between Jumpei and Miyako. The whole resolution with Miyako ending up with Luou just didn’t feel like it was done very well.

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Kakegurui Twin Review

Kakegurui Twin Review

Kakegurui Twin anime series cover art
Kakegurui Twin

New Student Mary Saotome

Kakegurui Twin (賭ケグルイ双) is a prequel ONA to the main Kakegurui series. In case you aren’t aware, ONA stands for Original Net Animation. It’s like an OVA, Original Video Animation, but released online (in this case, on Netflix).

As a prequel, Kakegurui Twin doesn’t follow Yumeko. She’s not at Hyakkou Private Academy yet. Instead, it follows Mary Saotome, one of the main series’ supporting characters. But, why is it called Twin? Mary has a twin-tail hairstyle. That’s why one of the strokes in the character for Twin (双) is the same color as her hair.

Now, it’s been years since I watched the main Kakegurui series. The first season came out way back in 2018 and the sequel came out in 2020. So, I don’t exactly remember how it started off. I don’t remember if Yumeko comes in partway through the first year or at the start of the second.

Tsuzura viewing Mary as her prince from the anime series Kakegurui Twin
Tsuzura viewing Mary as her prince

But, in Twin, Mary seems to come into the school partway through her first year. By the time she enters the school, the hierarchy has already been established. There are winners and there are losers (pets). And, obviously, Mary wants to be a winner.

The thing is, Mary is pretty different in this series compared to how she is in the main series. She’s not entirely a different person. But, in the main series, she’s a lot more twisted. She’s no Yumeko. But, she has her moments when she goes off the rails. We don’t see that in Twin.

Twin’s version of Mary is much nicer as a person. She has friends whom she cares about. She wants to save Tsuzura Hanatemari from her fate as a pet. And, she treats both Tsuzura and Yumiki as her equals. That’s not the Mary I know.

The Pet Girl of Hyakkaou

Let me explain the pet system of Hyakkaou for those of you who are new to Kakegurui or have simply forgotten. Hyakkaou is a private school where gambling decides the hierarchy of students. And, if you go into debt, you become a pet.

Pets are second-class citizens within the school. It’s completely okay for other students to bully and take advantage of them. And, the only way to stop being a pet is to pay off your debt to the student council. However, you can’t do that whenever you please. There are specific dates on which payment is due.

So, this brings us to Mary’s best friend, Tsuzura Hanatemari. At the start of the series, Tsuzura is a pet with a million yen in debt. However, Tsuzura comes from a wealthy family and has no issue lending Mary large amounts, like 500,000 yen. So, how is she in debt?

Mikura Sado and Sachiko Juraku from the anime series Kakegurui Twin
Mikura Sado and Sachiko Juraku

Anyway, Tsuzura is one of the two main pets of this season. Unfortunately, she’s the worse of the two. She doesn’t really have any redeeming qualities and is only there to be Mary’s right hand. Kind of like how the male lead in the main Kakegurui series was to Yumeko.

The better of the two main pets is Mikura Sado. She’s the personal pet of Sachiko Juraku, an upperclassman and student council member. Sachiko is the primary antagonist of this prequel. But, it’s Mikura who’s actively working against Mary at every turn.

You see, Mikura is a complete masochist. She wants nothing more than to be used and abused by Sachiko. And, when Sachiko starts taking an interest in Mary, Mikura feels threatened. She needs to ensure Mary fails in all her gambles to Sachiko will lose interest in her.

Gambling to the Top

In this section, I want to cover some of the bad things about Kakegurui Twin. But, I want to preface it by saying that I enjoyed this series, as you’ll see from my final rating.

My first complaint is that — most of the time — this show looks like garbage. In the picture above, you’ll notice a greenish tint. Well, that greenish tint is present for a large percentage of the anime. And, you may recognize it from some of Mappa’s other shows, like the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Second, and something I mentioned a bit already, the characters aren’t very good. Mary feels like a watered-down version of herself. And, the new characters are all pretty boring. Alongside Tsuzura, Yukimi Togakushi is also one of Mary’s friends. She’s as bland as can be. The only good thing about her is the way she bounces in the ED.

Yukimi, Mary, and Tsuzura from the anime series Kakegurui Twin
Yukimi, Mary, and Tsuzura

The antagonists aren’t any better. I already mentioned that Sachiko Juraku is the main antagonist. But, there’s also a secondary antagonist, fellow student council member Aoi Mibuomi. Neither of these antagonists plays a very active role in the series. They just set up gambles and let others participate.

The third issue I have is that Twin doesn’t feel like a complete series. It’s only six episodes long and doesn’t have a real conclusion. Maybe that’s because it actually isn’t complete. I have no idea. But, it can’t go on forever since it will run into the main series at some point.

By the end of these six episodes, Mary hasn’t defeated either of the student council members in her way. There’s no satisfying ending where she beats one of them or even loses to them. It just kind of ends — and not even with Yumeko’s introduction.

Final Thoughts

Even with the problems I have with Kakegurui Twin, I still gave it a 7/10. Kakegurui is still a fun anime to watch. The gambles in this prequel weren’t as exciting as some of those from the main series. But, I think that’s mainly because Yumeko and her over-the-top reactions weren’t involved.

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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Review

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Review

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime series cover art
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

I’m Still Not Playing the Game

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners was almost out for an entire year before I finally watched it. This was one of the most popular anime to come out in 2022. But, I wasn’t all that interested in it at first.

Still, I did say I would watch it. And a lot of people I know, including many in the DoubleSama Discord server, said it was good. So, is Cyberpunk: Edgerunners as good as everyone says? Yes, it is. However, I still have no interest in playing the game it’s based on.

Apparently, this series is the prequel to Cyberpunk 2077. Though, I have no idea how much of what happens in the anime carries over to the game. I’d imagine the main connection is the setting. And maybe a few characters from the anime appear or are mentioned in the game.

Rebecca pointing a gun from the anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Rebecca pointing a gun

But, what’s the plot of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners? The series is about a gang doing gang-related things in Night City. And, those gang-related things attract the attention of the military-industrial complex. You see, Night City is run by a few defense contractors/private military corporations.

These organizations don’t particularly like the gangs of Night City’s underworld. They don’t take too kindly to having their equipment and data stolen and sold (or used in crimes). And, when the gangs are packing gear on par with the military organizations, things can get out of hand.

This is the world David Martinez finds himself in. After his mother’s death, David implants military-grade Sandevistan cyberware into his body. However, Maine, a gang leader, had his sights set on that particular piece of gear. And so, David ends up joining Maine’s crew as a way to both pay Maine back and prove his worth.

Meet the Edgerunners

Before David joins Maine’s Crew, there are six key members. The most important of which is obviously Maine himself. Maine is a large, buff man who looks like an 80s action movie star. He was also the one David unknowingly stole the Sandivistan cyberware from.

Dorio is the second-in-command of Maine’s Crew. Like Maine, she’s large, buff, and fights at the front. Dorio and Maine are also in a relationship of some kind. Though, I wouldn’t call it anything serious.

Kiwi is the first of two netrunners in the group. A netrunner is someone who can link into the internet or data servers with their mind. When Maine’s Crew needs to steal sensitive data, Kiwi is the one who does it while the others protect her.

It’s also Kiwi who brought the second netrunner, Lucy, into the gang.

Kiwi, Dorio, Maine, and Pilar from the anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Kiwi, Dorio, Maine, and Pilar

Lucy is the female lead of the series. She’s the one who brings David into Maine’s Gang. Though, she originally does so because David stole Maine’s Sandivistan.

Despite the initial betrayal, Lucy and David develop a romantic relationship. However, I actually liked Lucy more in the first half of the series when she was less worried about love.

Pilar is almost the least interesting member of Maine’s Crew. I’d say that honor goes to Dorio. But, Pilar’s role is pretty much to be the gang’s creep. I’m pretty sure he also does some kind of hacking. Either way, he’s a weird dude.

Rebecca is Pilar’s sister and the best character in the series. Well, at least in the second half when she gets more screen time she is. Rebecca is a loose cannon who’s unpredictable on the battlefield. She also hates her brother and has a crush on David.

Oh, and Lucy is the obligatory “legal loli.”

Fly (Lucy) to the Moon

This is the part of the review where I go over what I liked and didn’t like about Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. And, this is also the part of the review where I spoil everything. If you haven’t seen the series yet, I recommend you watch it.

So, first I want to expand on what I meant when I said Lucy was good at the start and Rebecca was good at the end. These two characters kind of swap being in the spotlight around halfway through. And, they’re both good when they’re the main female character.

I felt that this worked well for Rebecca because her character got stronger as the series went on. By the time we got to Rebecca’s death, she was my favorite character. However, the opposite happened with Lucy. She started off cool, then got pushed to the side and didn’t do much.

Lucy kissing David from the anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Lucy kissing David

Probably my favorite thing about this series has to do with Rebecca’s death. Well, it’s the fact that the only surviving member of Maine’s Crew at the end is Lucy. And why does Lucy survive? Because she leaves the edgerunner life behind and wants a normal life with David.

I really like when things don’t work out for our heroes in the end. Too many series have happy endings that are boring. Cyberpunk isn’t one of those. We actually get to see the main characters struggle and fail to overcome challenges. This culminates in them losing to Adam Smasher in the final episode.

We also got to watch David’s descent into madness due to too many cyberware enhancements. Earlier in the series, we saw the same thing happen to Maine. But, because David is the protagonist, I assumed he was “built different.” It was refreshing to see that he wasn’t.


There were people saying that Cyberpunk: Edgerunners was the best anime of 2022. Were they right? I think they might be. I ended up giving this series a 9/10, which makes it tied for my highest-rated anime of the year.

The only other anime I rated that high were Mob Psycho 100 III and the Mushoku Tensei Special. But, those are both part of larger series that help to build them up. Since Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is a standalone anime, I might have to say it’s the best.

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Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World Specials

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World Specials

Bed Time with Roxanne

Fans of Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World will be happy to know some new content dropped at the end of 2022. That’s right, we got two special episodes. And I’ll just answer the big question upfront, yes, it’s hentai.

In my review of the main series, I probably said something like, “It would be better if it was a hentai.” Well, it’s possible that I didn’t because somehow I actually enjoyed the other parts of the series, too. But, if you thought the series would be better if it cut out everything but the sex scenes, these specials are for you.

Each episode is only 4 minutes long, which I’m sure is long enough for anyone reading this. And the first episode is all about spending some quality time in bed with Roxanne. We get to see Roxanne learn to be honest about her desires.

Roxanne blushing from the Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World anime specials
Roxanne blushing

Alright, so I said these specials were hentai. But, that’s not entirely true. Unlike in hentai, you’re not going to see anything below the waist here. These episodes are pretty similar to the uncensored sex scenes in the main series. However, they do focus on Roxanne’s chest a lot more.

It was hard to get screenshots to use in this review that didn’t expose Roxanne’s chest. Sure, there was a lot of that in the main series, as well. But, it felt like these specials somehow focused on her body even more. And, there’s some other explicit stuff, like when Michio shows off his fingers.

If you know, you know.

Still, this first special episode was what you’d expect from Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo. It’s Michio and Roxanne doing what they do with their free time outside of the labyrinth. I don’t know how you could expect anything else.

Bath Time with Roxanne

The second special episode is the one I think is better. In this episode, Roxanne and Michio take a bath together. That’s something we saw multiple times in the main series. But, I’m not going to complain about more of this kind of content.

This episode is also split into two halves. In the first half of the episode, Michio “washes” Roxanne. And in the second half of the episode, Roxanne “washes” Michio. That might not sound like much of a difference. But, it does keep the episode from getting stale by being a bit more dynamic.

Something I thought was funny in this episode was the focus on soap. I remember in the main series it was a big deal when Michio “invented” soap. But, they treat soap like a precious resource in this episode. And it’s funny to think of people actually making these comments “in the moment.”

Roxanne being washed by Michio from the Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World anime specials
Roxanne being washed by Michio

So, what do I mean when I say there was a focus on soap? Well, in the middle of being washed by Michio, Roxanne stops the action to say that some soap fell off her and into the tub. I guess that was important information she needed to relay to Michio.

And even after they’re done washing each other, the soap talk doesn’t stop. Forget all the activities they just engaged in. Based on how they talk about soap, that’s what makes bath time enjoyable. I really need to get my hands on whatever soap they’re using.

But, there’s something that not even Michio’s magic soap can fix. These two special episodes were all about Roxanne. I know she’s the main girl of the series and most of the main anime had her as the only girl. But, where are the rest of the girls?

Needed More Sherry, Miria, Vesta, and Rutina

I like Roxanne. She’s a good main girl. But, that doesn’t mean all I want to see is Roxanne. There are four other girls in Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World. And yet, none of them appeared in these special episodes.

They say variety is the spice of life. So, why not mix things up and not focus solely on Roxanne? What I would have rather seen is an episode dedicated to each of the main girls. The episodes are only 4 minutes long, so why not have five of them?

Now, I have to admit that variety isn’t the only reason I wanted to see the other girls in these specials. It’s also because Roxanne doesn’t have my ideal body type. I mean, she’s better than Vesta. But, I was really hoping to see some Sherry, Miria, and Rutina content.

Roxanne washing Michio from the Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World anime specials
Roxanne washing Michio

And, there’s one more reason. As I mentioned, Roxanne was the only girl in the majority of the main series. Sherry only showed up at the end. And the other three girls were only in the final few minutes of the last episode. That’s the biggest reason why I wanted to see them in the specials.

I’m not really expecting there to be a second season of Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World. The way the first season ended felt like an advertisement for the light novels. It was like, “Look at all these other girls you’re missing out on.”

So, the specials could have been another way to give those girls screen time. I would even have accepted if the second episode was split between the other four girls. At least they’d each get a minute of extra screen time.


As with the main series, I gave the Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World Specials a 7/10. That’s also higher than the average rating of the specials on MyAnimeList. And, coincidentally, the specials have the same average rating as the main series, 6.57/10.

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